A Well Designed Shopping Cart Leads To A Higher Conversion Rate

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The SHOPPING CART is a key component to a successful online business. A good shopping cart design should be highly secure, very user-friendly and really inviting.

7 Winning Keys

Here are the main things I always keep in mind when designing a shopping cart for my clients:

Less is bestKeep it as simple as possible. The easier for the user, the higher will be your sales conversion rate. People have no time to search for the information. Help them to quickly scan the page.
Use only 1 action buttonUse only one button to go to next step. Too many buttons can just scramble the mindset of the buyer.
Protect the internet connectionSecurity is no longer an option nowadays, your cart must ALWAYS be hosted behind an SSL connection.
Protect your client’s dataGet a PCI compliance and security seals such as McAfee Secure, Norton Secure or any other well known authority. Add a Privacy Policy that clearly explain how you protect client’s privacy.
Online SupportAs an online trader, you MUST be available 24/7. If you can not afford being available 24/7, add an FAQ page containing answers to most frequently asked question about your products/services and detailed instructions on completing the buying process.
Live CommunicationsIntegrate a Chat Module, and tell your new prospect to feel free to ask you any question he might have during the buying process so the prospect knows that a real person is behind the screen. But don’t push him!
Keep in touchTry to stay in touch with clients who didn’t convert. That doesn’t means that they will never do. Do the best you can to get something to help you get them back such as an email address, a phone number, a personnal link such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Anything that can help you get back to him.
Guy DumaisIf you’d like to increase your sales conversion rate, feel free to reach me, my imagination has no limits and has already helped many small businesses to increase sales. See you!

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